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A Message from the Chapter President…

May, 2019

Everyone in healthcare recognizes the changing environment and can anticipate the financial implications that will likely follow. It is easy to recognize that practically everything we do in the healthcare finance world will look very different in years to come. An important challenge to HFMA leaders is to ensure that our chapters are equipped to educate as modifications occur for our facilities and employers and to provide venues to share insights among themselves as they work to accommodate these changes. As these changes occur, HFMA will have to accommodate the new needs of our membership. I’ve been pleased this year to see new efforts at the national, regional, and state level to move ahead of these industry transformations with a very open-minded approach.

At the national level, HFMA has welcomed Prisma Health as our first South Carolina Enterprise Member. HFMA’s Enterprise membership was developed to provide entire organizational teams of an organization. Specific Enterprise membership benefits include access to online education, research reports, and white papers. The SCHFMA board is already working with the new Prisma Enterprise Solution leaders to involve them in other benefits that SCHFMA provides such as face-to-face meetings and educational events. We welcome Prisma and appreciate their shared enthusiasm in developing this new program.

Regionally, 2019 has been one of foresight as well. Chapter executives have given much thought to how we can better serve our membership from a regional perspective as well as traditional chapter-specific approaches. In efforts to move both the chapter and the region to a new level, our regional leadership is currently exploring the benefits of joining forces to share best practices and overall expertise. SCHFMA’s own Jude Crowell, Regional Executive for 2020, is very enthusiastic about the potential benefits of the Southeastern Chapters combining efforts.

At the chapter level, we are preparing ourselves to become a vital participant in facing what lies ahead for HFMA members. Embracing change will likely be the most important factor in redeveloping and improving how our chapter provides benefit to our members. This year we have developed a Policy Committee to see that we not only adapt to changes but do so in a manner that will help our chapter avoid unexpected problems. We have a very strong Policy Committee, including several past presidents, that is now in the process with a strong foundation.

Throughout my Executive Team rotation, I’ve had several past presidents tell me that the presidency year for our chapter of HFMA literally flies by because of all the exciting things that occur and the demands that come with them. As the 2019 Chapter Year ends, I certainly agree with them all—the time has passed very quickly! This year’s presidency has indeed proven to be very exciting for me and one of the most rewarding efforts I’ve ever undertaken. I need to offer many thanks to our Immediate Past President, Candi Powers, and the 2019 Executive Committee—Michael Jebaily, Jasper Powell, Daniel Gori, and Lawrence Laddaga, and to the committee chairs for their hard work. Chapter Year 2020 promises to be a pivotal year for our chapter and our region as change begins to move even faster and today’s decisions will impact many years to come. Jude and his regional team and Michael and our executive team will begin 2020 well prepared and motivated to move forward into the future. I certainly wish them the best and look forward to assisting them.

Thank you for the great opportunity to serve you as the 2019 Chapter President. HFMA has been an integral part of my growth in healthcare finance. It has truly been an honor to return some of my own time and efforts to my HFMA family.


Barney Osborne, FHFMA
President (2018-2019)
South Carolina Chapter of HFMA

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