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A Message from the Chapter President…

June 8th, 2018

This year’s Annual Institute (AI) was a great beginning of what I hope will be a very productive 2019 for SCHFMA. The meeting offered very strong speakers on a broad range of topics pertinent to us all. We are certainly indebted to the 2018 Annual Institute Task Force, led by Danielle Gori, for such a great meeting. Special thanks also goes to the 2018 Chapter President Candi Powers and the 2018 Board of Directors for their hard work and wonderful accomplishments throughout last year. The current Board, Committee Chairs and Leadership also kicked the year off right before the meeting with a full day of head rubbing and planning for 2019 and the long-term future of our organization. I’d like to acknowledge another “thank you” to Tracy Packingham, National HFMA Director of Chapter Relations and our Region 5 HFMA Regional Executive, Karen Newton for their help leading the meeting.

An important function of the AI was the installation of the 2019 Board of Directors. We have a very strong Board this year and a first-class group of committee chairpersons that I expect will get great things accomplished. Our new board and executive leadership is as follows:

Leadership-Ex-officio Voting Members:
President Barney Osborne, FHFMA
President Elect Michael Jebaily, FHFMA, CRCA
Secretary Jasper Powell, FHFMA, CRCA
Treasurer Danielle Gori, FHFMA, CRCA

Immediate Past President:
Candice Powers, CRCR, CRCA

2019 Board Members:
Chris Glenn, CPA, MAFF
Yulia Milli, FHFMA
Lawrence Laddaga, Esq, FHFMA
Teosha Harrison
Nick Mazzola
Donna Kelly Walker, CHFP
Robert Griffin, CFN
Douglas Burrell, CHFP
Robert Taylor
Tommy Cockrell, FHFMA

Regional and Corporate Support:
Tracy Packingham, Director of Chapter Relations
Karen B. Newton, Regional Executive
Jude Crowell, Regional Executive 2
Marc Carter, Regional Executive 3

All these positions require great devotion. I am extremely obliged to them for their dedication to our chapter by accepting these positions.

It’s an exciting time for a career in health care finance. Health care is changing more rapidly than almost any other field. In the next decade, health care is expected to transform more rapidly than ever in terms of medical advances, cost, quality, volume, reporting, where care is delivered, and how health care services will be financed to make services affordable to patients.

As we have all heard over and over, the wave of aging baby boomers will certainly reshape the health care system as we know it. By 2030 the over 65 population will nearly triple. Consequently, as more baby boomers retire there will be fewer replacement workers available and even fewer seasoned workers ready to accommodate leadership functions. This situation will subsequently impact practically every industry; none, however, more than health care. One of the not-so-obvious domino effects will be on healthcare professional organizations such as our own. As the aging hospital leadership retires, our Chapter’s membership will be impacted accordingly. Additionally, a high pace of increases in hospital merger and acquisition activities and consolidations both nationally and locally are reshaping the health care landscape by striving to become even more integrated, aligned, efficient and accessible to the community.

There is no doubt that we are entering what will be a pivotal period in the future of HFMA. Your SCHFMA leadership is committed to the process of working closely with National’s leadership to redevelop a Strategic Plan that will evaluate and plan for what is on the horizon. This will allow us to get ahead of these changes and develop goals and objectives to meet the upcoming challenges and strengthen our organization simultaneously. I am committed to support our chapter in every way possible in assuring that SCHFMA remains robust and a true benefit to its members. Luckily, our chapter is very strong and vibrant and is starting our preparations well ahead of the curve.

To reinforce what practically every past president has addressed, your active participation in our chapter will ensure that you receive the best that SCHFMA has to offer and at the same time, help improve what we provide to all members as well. This has never been more important. Your involvement is what makes our chapter strong and I assure you; your support will be more than returned to you by assisting you in building a group of peers and fostering priceless relationships with other financial leaders like yourself in our state. I have included a listing of our 2019 committee chairpersons. I strongly encourage each of you to choose a service that you are interested in providing to our chapter and contact the appropriate leader. We have also included a new Committee Interest Request page on our website to make it even easier to volunteer.

In conclusion, I am honored to serve SCHFMA as the 2018-2019 Chapter President and humbled by the support that I have already received from my HFMA family. Please never hesitate to contact me regarding any concerns that you have with the Chapter. Your suggestions are always welcome.


Barney Osborne, FHFMA
President (2018-2019)
South Carolina Chapter of HFMA

Full committee listing

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