Certified Revenue Cycle Associate (CRCA)

Program Information

The Certified Revenue Cycle Associate (CRCA) program began in 2006. To date, 463 graduates can boast their CRCA credentials. CRCA is an ideal training and certification program for Hospital Revenue Cycle Staff including but not limited to:

  • Patient Access Staff
  • Patient Accounting Staff
  • Customer Service Staff
  • Revenue Cycle Facilitators
  • Managed Care Staff

The CRCA Training Manual and corresponding examination addresses relevant topics within the Revenue Cycle including Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Legal and Compliance related issues, and HIPAAA. Achieving CRCA certification demonstrates a strong understanding of the Revenue Cycle and dedication to personal and professional growth. Time spent to prepare and sit for the exam requires commitment, but we believe the return on investment is extremely worthwhile. Individuals obtaining CRCA designation will have the satisfaction of completing a rigorous certification program, but also gain an added competitive edge in the healthcare industry. For additional information regarding the program, please contact Jen at jshayes@lexhealth.org.

CRCA EXAM Registration is now OPEN!

The CRCA program has transitioned to an eLearning platform that allows you to study and obtain the certification online. The course will be open from August 4th to October 24th. The exam will be October 25th. Additional sign up will be required for CRCA Exam and the cost will be $100.

Link for registration is listed below:

Revenue Cycle Certifications at a Glance

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