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When Mike Allen chose "Dare You 2 Move" as the theme for his year as HFMA's 2019-2020 National Chair, his vision was that it would become more than simply a logo on website or a lapel pin. That's why Mike's encouraging you to not just accept his "Dare You 2 Move" theme but to make it your own by participating in the hashtag #HFMA1000DaresProject.

"Dare You 2 Move," at its core, is about the gap that exists between how things are and how they could be - be it your job, your organization, your industry, your community or perhaps something more personal. Where do you need to step out of your comfort zone? What is it that's holding you back? "Dare You 2 Move" is about answering such questions for yourself and then taking action. You've been dared! Will you accept? We hope you will. Share the Dare

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